About Us

Red Label Clothing was founded in 2013 by Hawaii resident, Ryan Chang. There was one goal in mind when he decided to start up a clothing line, to spread the message of RED and what it represents. Showing the world that anything is possible, Ryan first started selling shirts out of his car, driving around the island to get his message out there. Working with his community, Ryan immersed himself into passions of the people he met along the way. Working with dancers, DJ's, models, artists and many other subcultures, Ryan put himself out there to  experience everything in order to get a better understanding of everyone's RED. Before he knew it, four years later, he has moved to three different store fronts, expanded to Las Vegas and the Big Island, started up his own printing company, Paradise Printing Hawaii, and created his Red Label Family, inspiring them to find their passion and work with him to achieve their dreams. 
Ryan Chang didn't let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. He found his passion, fueled by his fire, he put in his heart and soul to do what he loves. Ryan is not only the owner of Red Label Clothing, but he is true example of what happens when you find your RED.  


The message of Red Label is what the color RED symbolizes. Red is the color of Love, Heart, Passion, Family, Good Luck. Our company motto is “Do what you LOVE.” We want to inspire people to live life to its fullest and follow their dreams. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

We invite you all to join our Growing Family! #redlabelfam